Deal of the month !!!

Personally  sourced and found by myself the director for members and non members to make a profit .

Rare and hard to find , my experience allows me to make cash quick .

This property is in 3 lots and no subdivision is required .Each 1000 m/2 vacant lot sell for $100-120,000.

House $250,000

GRV $450-500,000

sale price $300,000

net $150,000 approx no subdivision head works required .

Real estate agent has not mentioned the multiple lots and this created a gold mine for the educated investor .

REDA was developed to help people make cash from property and give away tips and info we have used for years ourselves .

Please browse my case studies bottom of website for more past history and education on how to achieve these amazing results and how to  be successfull in property .

I am not a real estate agent or do I make a profit from the above deal , do you're own due dilligence please .