Terms and Conditions

  1. No refund policy on annual subscriptions.
  2. Free month trial period that automatically rolls into paid annual subscription after 30 days, this will occur if membership is not cancelled by REDA member within thew 30 days. Subscription payments will be charged on monthly basis of $10.00 over a 12 month term.
    2a) All subscriptions will renew automatically. Unless a member chooses to cancel a subscription with one months notice.
  3. Property advice and information provided on the website is only a guide and education material only. REDA makes no claims about the information on the website from ourselves and other related parties as being accurate.  Members should seek  there own professional accountant  advice, financial planner advice or property lawyer advice or any other related professional advice before making any property investment decisions.
  4. Any disputes from a member can be directed to ( managing director) thru “contact us page” or email provided to the member on the website for mediation/resolution.
  5. Feedback is welcomed by members and non members via contact us page to improve our service to members.
  6. Errors in listings may occur due the websites automatic data feed /filter engine functions, these will be reviewed daily and edited manually accordingly.
  7. Any anti social behaviour, bullying, judgment on others will be removed from ‘REDA Property chat’ and membership may be revoked.
  8. No advertising on the REDA website property chat forum by real estate agents or businesses.
  9. REDA Property chat  forum listings of off market properties must be members properties only and not advertised on the internet online, strictly off market only and or not third party related.
  10. Members are allowed to sell and advertise there own properties on the “property chat forum”.
  11. Private lenders  are allowed to list details on capital raising sub category of property chat forum.
  12. Any member or non member may at any time click unsubscribe to email and video marketing content sent to them.
  13. REDA aims to list properties that will provide opportunities for members to make profit. Members agree too understand that every opportunity provided is unique and interpreted differently according to each persons own level of experience. Realizing a profit on a property deal can take years of education and experience. REDA makes no claims to the level or amount of profit or if any profit is achievable by the property listings on the website.
  14.   It is up to each member to decide and do there own due diligence when purchasing property from a listing on the REDA website and will  take full responsibility for making that decision.
  15. Each member agrees to that no legal action can be taken against REDA Pty Ltd for any misfortune or financial loss from a members action and each member takes full responsibility  for there own financial decisions.
  16. All payments are made a thru third party payment gateway (CBA).
  17. All data, Information, videos and property listings on the REDA website cannot be distributed another person, party or entity.
  18. REDA is operated by REDA Pty Ltd.

REDA brand and trade mark is solely used and owned  by REDA Pty Ltd and cannot be used by another person or entity.