Castlemaine Vic

(Double blocks/ Multiple lots)


Double blocks / multiple lots


Vendor just wanted land sold without doing work to make 4 lots.


4 lots 
Net profit $350-


Castlemaine Vic

Castlemaine Vic









Purchase price $470,000 May 2020

174-182 Vaughan Springs rd, Yapeen Vic , purchased as 2 contracts :5 lots $235,000  4 lots $235,000

Total 9 lots, constrained access was why vendor sold in 2 parcels. Easier for the Vendor to sell off this way, rather than do some minor works to create 4 lots. Minor works ( Crossover, Fencing, LCA soil report, surveying) $40,000 costs.


Double blocks/ Multiple High demand area lots

Crossover constructed creating legal access to 2 lots, (Cost $12,000)

Power pits already in place 

Water available

LCA soil reports  
Summary: Double block/multiple lots website category finds these property deals.”key to making this deal successful”.

  • High demand region of Victoria, low supply of land for sale.
  • No Council planning overlays, zoned township, services to all lots.
  • The vendor is happy to sell as 2 lots.
  • Creative thinking allowed us to fully utilise the true value of the land.
  • Our Purchase was completed the same day the property was listed for sale at the full asking price.
  • Due diligence/homework on comparable land sales in the area.
  • Knowing the re-sell values of each lot.
  • Understanding planning and building requirements9 Crown Allotments.