If youre after "realy cheap homes for sale" then Deceased estates can be highly sought after properties for investors. They are often in good locations and can be properties that haven’t been on the market in decades. The properties are usually in fairly good condition or are ripe for renovation and they generally have highly motivated sellers. As a result, deceased estates are prized by investors and tend to go quickly.


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It is a property that is put up for auction after the death of its owner. Departed estates will often be managed by administrators or executors, although in some cases the beneficiaries themselves will be the ones selling the property. Before any auction or sale can take place, the estate needs to go through probate. That is the legal process where the deceased’s will is validated by the courts and the executor is free to start administering assets.



Deceased estates represent a real opportunity for the savvy investor. They are usually driven by motivated sellers looking to close the estate out as quickly as possible. Whether administered by an executor or a beneficiary, departed estate sellers generally aren’t guided by the same profit-based motives as other sellers. They are usually looking for a quick and simple sale at or near market value.


Additionally, by the time the property goes to auction, estates have often been bogged down in probate and other paperwork for an extended period of time, so the executor and/or beneficiaries will be keen to complete the sale and close out the estate as quickly as possible.


While every deceased estate is different ,there are  "realy cheap homes for sale"  and more often than not they are older properties that haven’t been on the market for a long time. This means they have the potential to be in-demand properties in highly desirable areas.


Deceased estates also tend to have huge amounts of renovation potential. They are often period homes in good areas and, depending on the condition of the property, they can represent fantastic investment opportunities for those looking to renovate and flip.



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