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A great place to start for "investment properties for sale". Investing in progressive property can be more costly and complex than simpler forms of property investment. However, for the budding property developer, it comes with a number of upsides. It can often be picked up cheaply, sometimes up to 20% below market value. They are also often cheap to own and have in-built capital growth. Developments also provide scope for generating significant profits and offer a range of tax benefits.



A good progressive property opportunity is usually a site that’s considered a diamond in the rough. In other words, it’s a site that may require a bit of work but shows serious potential for profit. As a developer, your goal should be to buy under market value development property that shows the greatest upside for success. 


When looking at development land for sale, it’s important to carefully consider location. A premium location will often be more appealing, but this can come at a higher cost. It’s important to weigh up different factors such as location appeal and supply and demand to help guide your decision when looking for property development sites for sale.


It’s also important to consider the development purpose of the land. Residential, commercial, or industrial development opportunities all require different attributes to be successful. Besides location, other factors that affect the quality of development sites include: 


  • Zoning - The property should be zoned for the type of development you want to pursue or have the potential to be rezoned
  • Size and shape - These can affect the planning for your proposed growth
  • Physical characteristics - These can include soil quality, topography, and vegetation and can affect what and how easily you can build
  • Traffic flow - How easy is the property to access and what’s the surrounding flow of traffic like?
  • Public transport - How close and accessible is the nearby public transport infrastructure?
  • Amenities - Proximity to schools, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities is important for residential growth 
  • Utilities - Are the appropriate connections in place for electricity, water, gas, sewerage, internet, and phones? If not, what are the cost implications to bring in these connections? 
  • Planned works - Are there any future planned works in the surrounding areas that may affect your proposed growth? 
  • Environmental issues - Are there any environment issues that could affect growth like protected trees or contaminated soil?



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