Sheriff auctions and council "properties for auction" for unpaid rates can be great ways to secure under-market and off-market real estate bargains. In fact, these auctions are a great way to get your start in property investment and build your wealth from very little capital. A smart purchase at a sheriff or council auction could help you to secure your first investment property without having to borrow large sums of money or take on significant debt.A council property for sale or council land sale will most always be below market value. 


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Cheap land for sale upto 70% below market value is achieveable ( see our case study blogs botttom of website for real property purchases ).Why is the land cheap ? Because council only want to recover the unpaid rates owing and legal costs , not the real value of the land.So finding "cheap land for sale" via unpaid rates auctions is a small niche in the property market not many property investors are aware of .


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We have brought land for $500 a block in Australia in (  Nymagee NSW ) from council for unpaid rates ( see case study blog bottom of website ) now that is "Cheap land for sale" . 

Aslo we have brought "cheap houses for sale" for $5,000 ( Queesntown TAS) now thats a "Cheap houses for sale" also a house at ( Tudor st  Bourke NSW) for $6,000 . Altough these are real case studies , you will still have to do the hard work and due dilligence when attending the "unpaid rates auctions" .

"Cheap houses for sale" are in the market,  the other catergory on our website is "mortgagee sale/ deceased estates" properties .

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"Cheap land for sale" and why it is cheap ? Are properties that have more than four years’ worth of overdue rates owing can be seized by the council and listed for sale under the Local Government Act. These properties will generally be sold at or under market value and driven by motivated sellers looking for a quick sale.  


Sheriff auctions occur when the court directs the sheriff to seize and sell a person’s property as a result of an unpaid court-ordered debt. The sheriff is only permitted to sell seized real estate by the bargain.


Sheriff and council auctions represent great opportunities for securing off-market properties for substantially less than their market value, allowing for excellent potential return on investment. You will also be dealing with motivated sellers who are not driven by profit, but rather the need to quickly and simply complete the sale. Because these bargains aren’t as widely advertised as most property sales there is often less competition driving up the bids, helping you to land a bargain.




A sheriff or council auction is a little different to other property rebuys. Buyers may find they have less rights or flexibility than under normal circumstances. For example, the properties for bargain usually can’t be inspected prior to the auction as the sheriff or council do not actually obtain possession of the property as part of the sale process.


The sheriff/council is not required to provide a vendor’s statement and the contract of sale is not a standard contract and may have certain guarantees removed.


When purchasing sheriff or council auction properties is vital that you understand the process and ensure you have adequate legal advice.

When seaerching for " investment properties for sale" this website catergory will not disapoint !!!



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